Senior Leadership Council

TThe TCRHCC Senior Leadership Council (SLC) is a body comprised of TCRHCC Administration and Leaders of the hospital’s Health Care Team, which includes Medical Staff, Nursing and other health leaders who, together, care for TCRHCC patients. The SLC shall serve as an advisor to the CEO for the purpose of furthering the mission and vision of TCHRCC and to provide input and assistance to the Board of Directors as set forth in the Bylaws of TCHRCC. The SLC serves hospital Administration and the Board of Directors for the enhancement of the organization and to accomplish TCHRCC goals.


  • Lynette Bonar, Chief Executive Officer
  • Joette Walters, Associate Executive Officer
  • Jeff Wright, Interim Chief Operating Officer
  • Julius Young II, Chief Operating Officer Mentee
  • Mary Green, Interim Chief Quality Officer
  • Julia Billy, Chief Quality Officer Mentee
  • Christine Keyonnie, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Riad Abdelkarim, Chief Medical Officer
  • Judy Lunbery, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Sharr Yazzie, Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Shawn Davis, Chief Information Officer
  • Dollie Smallcanyon, Chief Community Health Services Officer
  • Kyle Black, Interim Chief Support Services Officer Mentee
  • Dr. Sophina Calderon, Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Thomas Grosheider, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lally, Pediatrician/Internist
  • Vanessa Lee, Executive Assistant