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National Health Center Week
‘Celebrating America’s Health Centers: The Key to Healthier Communities’

National Health Center Week 2017 is taking place August 13-19.  TCRHCC will be joining with thousands of communities around the nation to recognize and celebrate the innovative work of Community Health Centers.

From Coalmine to Cameron, Gap/Bodaway to LeChee, Kaibeto to Tonalea, and Dinnebito to Tuba City, the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) Mobile Dental and Mobile Medical Units serve patients in communities with limited access to health care. The western Navajo area covers a 6,000 square mile area. Many people live far from medical services in a rural area, which means they go without essential health services or have to travel long distances to see a primary health care provider.

In the last three years, underserved adults and children throughout western Navajo area, now have consistent access to affordable, high quality dental and medical care, thanks to the two mobile units which were purchased in 2014 through a grant funded organization, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

Today, TCRHCC Mobile Medical and Dental Units have provided access to primary care medical and dental services, to nearly 7,200 residents in Western Navajo.

“Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation identified the need to improve access to care for all patients within the Tuba City service area. TCRHCC applied for a grant with HRSA with the intent to bring Primary Health Care Services and Dental Service directly to our patients in all our community and school base settings,” said Roselyn Riggs, Program Manager for the Mobile Dental Unit and Mobile Medical Unit. “Since implementing the Community Health Center (CHC) Mobile Health Program, we have received tremendous support from our patients in our communities. The TCRHCC CHC Mobile Health Program is making a positive difference in the lives of our communities.”

The 42-foot, state-of-the-art mobile dental unit has two exam chairs, equipped with an x-ray machine and accommodates patients with dental exams, x-rays, fluoride and sealant dental services. The mobile dental unit team consists of a dentist, two dental assistants, and a driver who is also trained to register patients into the TCRHCC health records system.

The medical unit is equipped with two primary medical exam rooms, refrigeration for medication, and a basic laboratory station. The mobile medical unit team consists of a medical provider, certified medical assistant, a patient benefit care coordinator, and also has a driver who is trained to register patients into the TCRHCC health records system.

Mobile health centers are essentially a comprehensive primary care health center on wheels, and not only prevent illness and foster wellness in the most challenging populations; they produce innovative solutions to the most pressing health care issues in their communities.

“We provide primary health care, laboratory testing, limited pharmacy, physical exams, specialty clinic referrals, adult vaccines, patient case management, and dental care services.”

Together, the team partners with local chapter houses and organizations to deliver excellent patient-centered health care services for families living in rural western Navajo communities with limited or no access to health care.

“The Mobile Health Vans are geared to provide health access locally at points that are that are convenient to our community members, to promote health, especially for those that have a chronic disease, we want our population to stay healthy and have a quality life,” said Lynette Bonar, CEO.

Riggs added, “As a team we work hard to ensure our patients receive top quality professional health care and we are fulfilling our mission to improve access to care for those living in rural areas or who otherwise cannot travel to our Medical Center in Tuba City.”

We encourage you to visit our Mobile Dental and Mobile Medical Units health during National Health Center Week 2017, August 13-19 or anytime during the month of August.

The Mobile Dental and Mobile Medical Units clinic schedule is available on-line at or for more information, call 928-283-2607.

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