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TCRHCC Honored Their Nurses

Tuba City, Arizona - Hospitals and professional organizations across the U.S. celebrated National Nurses Week, May 6 - 12, 2013, as a way to highlight and show appreciation for the extraordinary work nurses do everyday.

Nurses Awards Dinner

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) Nurse Administration honored their outstanding nurses at the first annual 2013 Nurses Week Banquet at Greyhills Auditorium on Thursday May 9, 2013, sponsored by the TCRHCC’ Nurse Recruitment and Retention Committee. Ms. Dollie Luna RN, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer; Ms. Lynette Bonar RN, Associate Executive Officer; Mr. William Dey RN, Chief Quality Officer; Mr. Preston Masayumptewa RN, Nurses Recruitment and Retention Coordinator and TCRHCC nurses and their families attended the event.

After the welcoming address, a documentary by On Nursing Excellence, a not-for-profit organization expanding the effectiveness, efficiency, and recognition of the healthcare workforce, was presented, “NURSES If Florence Could See Us Now,” providing a rare look into the complex and challenging world of nursing. The documentary featured nurses across the U.S. and our very own Public Health Nurses from Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation.

“It’s important that people recognize the power of nursing,” said Luna. “This film helps people understand how nurses make a difference in people’s lives - that we bring both clinical expertise and leadership skills to every setting, from the bedside to homes and to the boardroom.”

Over 100 nurses across the U.S. were interviewed for the film, providing a close-up look at the profession, and incorporating the many different roles nurses play and the lives they touch.

After the film presentation, the nurses of TCRHCC presented, “If Flo Could See Us Now.” The presentation was a narrative storyline about nurses from early 1900 to present in 2013. The nurses of TCRHCC dressed in costumes and acted out the duty of nurses over the years. The presentation was educational and received a standing ovation.

After the presentation by the TCRHCC nurses, Raul Rubio RN, Nurse Manager at Sacred Peaks Health Center, introduced the keynote speaker Dr. Sally Doshier RN, Associate Dean of Nursing from Northern Arizona University. With many years of experience, Dr. Doshier spoke about the history of nursing, how empowering and significant TCRHCC’s vision is for their nurses and how vital nurses are to the health care system.

The evening progressed as Ms. Bonar and Ms. Luna honored TCRHCC nurses for their respective achievements in excellence and years of services at TCRHCC. TCRHCC recognized the following for Years of Service:

40 Years of Service
Deliah Tallsalt

35 Years of Service
Ann Hilt-Garro and Ellen Huminimptewa

30 Years of Service
Rita Chase and Katherine Hardy

25 Years of Service
Dorothy Fronk and RaJean Victor

20 Years of Service
Mary Scott, Faye Finley, Virginia Benally, Debi Farrell, Ruby Whitethorne, and Anna Gaseoma

15 Years of Service
Tina Ferrero, Lilly Billagody, Alberta Nez, Yolanda Burke, Joette Walters, Alvina Rosales, and Ancita Bigman

10 Years of Service
Elfreida Bizaholoni, Melissa Nez, Delores Succo, June Murray, Irene Nez, Ana Rodriguez-Stoekcker, Shannon Johnson, Lynette Bonar, Anthony Drake, and Callandra Mike

5 Years of Service
Lincoln Johnson, Regina Sumner, Karen Lopez-Ortiz, Zenaida Manzon, Joan Farr, Cynthia Wolski, Hope West, Veronica Granger, Angela Cooper, Michelle Cavanaugh, Steven Hendrix, Lorrie Lake, Emolinda Tsosie, Carissa James, Daisy Colon, Linda Mathews, Ramona Yazzie, Charlene Blindman , Gwenytha Parrish, Wendy Luce, Violet Skinner, Deborah Manson, Dollie Luna, Raul Rubio, and Nancy Andreas

“We are honored to recognize all of our nurses for their hard work and dedication to the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation,” added Mr. Masayumptewa. “ I also want to thank the Recruitment and Retention Committee for their hard work and contributing their time for making Nurses Week a success.”

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