Patient Portal

Tuba City Regional Health Care

You’ll be able to:

  • Send a secure message to your Primary Care Provider
  • View your appointments
  • Make a secure appointment request
  • View your test results
  • Request a prescription refill
  • View personal information

Getting Started*

How can I create a Portal account?

  • To create an account, you’ll need to visit our website:
  • Once at the website, select “Register Now” to open the Create New Account window.
  • On the “Create New Account” window, enter your details within all required fields (indicated by red asterisks).
  • After entering details needed to create an account, select the check mark to agree to our terms and conditions.
  • Then select the “Create” button.

What if I’m unable to create an account?

In the event your unable to create an account, causes to this may be due to:

  • Network Connectivity
  • Using a wrong username or password

What do I need to do to connect to my Personal Health Records?

  • Login into your Patient Portal account.
  • Navigate to the Preference tab.
  • Open the “Account Profile” option.
  • With “Account Profile” open, navigate to the left side of your screen to see the “Account Details” connections box.
  • Within the connection box, select “Click To Connect”
  • Logout, then log back in.

What if I cannot connect to my Personal Health Information?

If you’re unable to connect to your Personal Health Information you may need to:

  • Validate you’re using account Details which match your EHR record (i.e. ensure your Profile is using a valid First name, Last name, DOB, and email)

*Patient must be 18 years old and older to register. Parent/Guardian cannot register their child for an account.

Patient Portal Documentation