Regional Nurse Care Managment Consultant

Native Health building

Phoenix Area

The Regional Nurse Care Manager Consultant collaborates with Tuba City Regional Health Corporation (TCRHCC) and Phoenix area facilities will help to strengthen to meet client needs.

Efforts are focused on empowering individuals with multiple service needs so they may achieve their goals, direct their own lives and reduce dependency on service providers.

Promoting quality healthcare from
Tuba City to Phoenix, and back.

Regional Nurse Care Manager Consultant Assists with:
  • Supportive contact for high risk patients. As consultant for care managers in the Phoenix area
  • Transfers to Phoenix Area hospitals; continuum of care
  • Recommendations to facilities Care Coordination for on-going care of patients; discharge planning to Tuba City Regional Health Care and Sacred Peaks Health Center.
  • Help reduce fragmentation in services
  • Work collaboratively with providers and other disciplines for interdisciplinary coordination
  • Work proactively and collaboratively with Tuba City Regional Health Care and Sacred Peaks Health Center’s Case Management, Utilization Review, Patient Benefit Coordinators and Purchased Referred Care
We coordinate and support the TCRHCC community by:
  • Encouraging client involvement with their healthcare
  • Providing advocacy, communitybased referrals, and support
  • Promoting wellness, recovery and selfdetermination
  • Assist families dealing with challenging levels of stress
  • Help address client/family needs, concerns, goals, and questions
  • Provide your client/family with a case manager


Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) is a 73-bed, acute and outpatient regional health system organized as a private nonprofit healthcare organization operating under the Indian Self-Determination Act P.L. 93-638 since September 30, 2002. TCRHCC serves a large geographic area, primarily encompassing over 6,000 square miles on the western Navajo Nation and adjacent Hopi and other communities.

TCRHCC also serves as a regional referral medical center for over 75,000 residents across the Navajo Nation and adjacent communities.