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Just Move It 2020 : 3K Walk / 5K Run Series

The Just Move It series is a non-competitive running and walking program, first started in 1998, was designed to challenge communites to get fit.

Being physically active everyday can help you stay healthy and prevent diabetes and heart disease.

For more information about the Just Move It in the Tuba City area, contact the Health Promotion & Diabetes Prevention at 928-283-2404.


Information on How to Register

Registration Process:


  1. Register at:
    1. Registration Closes August 22, 2020
  2. Join Club: Tuba City JMI Series
  3. Download STRAVA app to Smartphone

Part 2

  1. Email to complete registration process.
    • Title Email: JMI 2020 Registration
    • In email indicate: Name, gender, DOB, t-shirt size, community you live in, contact number, & mailing address.
    • If parent/guardian would like to register their child(ren) (17yo & Under) who do not have access to the STRAVA Registration Site, include child(ren) information with email.

How this works:

  1. Week One Begins: Sunday, June 7, 2020
    Week Twelve Ends: Saturday, August 29, 2020
  2. Each week (Sunday-Saturday) participant will accumulate a total mileage of a 3k (1.8mi) or 5k (3.1mi).
    1. To verify Participant mileage, log into the STRAVA App to track participant weekly mileage.
    2. Each week starts a new mileage, the more weeks participated and tracked the more opportunity to receive additional incentives.
  3. For reoccurrence of weekly participation, HPDP staff will have to seek participant STRAVA profile to verify weekly mileage.
    1. For faster verification, please bring documentation and show mileage to HPDP staff to receive incentive(s).

How do I track my mileage using STRAVA?

  1. Turn on Location on Smart phone.
  2. Open STRAVA Application.
  3. Each participant registered, should be able to view their own profile.
  4. Press on icon “Fee” (Home image) at the bottom of screen.
  5. Then press “CLUBS” on top of screen. This is where participant should be able to see the Tuba City JMI Series logo.
  6. Below are some icons, press “Record”
  7. Once the “GPS required signal” is complete, press “START” and get moving.
  8. When participant walk/run is complete, press “STOP” then “FINISH”.
    • “Title your Run” the Week and distance you complete (ei: Week 1, 3k)
    • Under “Add description” include kids name who participated if they do not have access to STRAVA (ei. Child(ren) Name enter here).
  9. Press “Save” at top right corner of screen.
  10. Congratulations! Participant has completed one of many future walks/runs.

How will I receive my JMI Incentive(s)?

  1. In-Person Incentive pick-up days; stop by the HPDP Fitness Center. (One person per family is encouraged to pick-up incentives, Must wear a mask to enter building.)
    1. FRIDAYS, 10am-430pm DST
    2. Pick-up Dates: July 2, July 31, & August 28
  2. If NOT available to pick-up incentives, call HPDP Fitness Center (928-283-1420) to plan for incentives to be mailed.
    1. Incentives will be mailed late August, once JMI Series is complete.
  3. Once participation is verified with HPDP staff member, Incentive will be received in accordance to number of weeks participated.
  4. Incentive Distribution: (Note: Due to the COVID-19, there will be NO exchanges of sizes.)
    1. One-Time Participation: JMI Shirt
    2. Four-Week Participation: Fandana (Youth/Adults)
    3. 8-Week Participation: Long Sleeve Shirts (Youth/Adults)
    4. 12-Week Participation: Hoodies (Adults) / Backpacks (Youth)

Reminder: Trial and error may occur, but all efforts will be made to limit mistakes. The HPDP Staff will do their best to make the FIRST EVER 2020 VIRTUAL JMI SERIES, the best experience possible especially during a time like this. Remember, this is a family event, this program is designed to increase physical activity among youth and their family members and promote a healthy active lifestyle

For More Information regarding the First Ever Virtual JMI Series, Contact HPDP Fitness Center at 928-283-1420 ext. 20702 or email .

Please eat a healthy snack before the each outing. Drink plenty of water for you & your family. Wear sunscreen and a hat.



For more information, call: 928-283-1420