Coronavirus 19/COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The COVID-19 Vaccine is Here

We are currently scheduling vaccine clinic appointments for the following:

  • Anyone 16+ for the Pfizer vaccine
  • Anyone 18+ for the Moderna vaccine
  • Anyone 18+ for Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine


Call 928-283-1505 to schedule an appointment.

How can I get the vaccine?

Must have a Tuba City Regional Health Care (TCRHCC), Sacred Peaks Health Center, LeChee Health Facility medical record. Any enrolled member of any federally recognized tribe may schedule a COVID vaccination appointment or attend a vaccination event. Their non-Native immediate family members and household members may be placed on a waitlist for extra doses. We will also vaccinate non-beneficiaries that live or work on the Navajo Nation portion of the TCRHCC Service Area.

What to prepare and expect?

  • If possible, please have a driver and Navajo interpreter for elderly.
  • Must commit to return for 2nd dose of the vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna)
  • Download and complete COVID-19 Vaccine Form below


Do not show up if you:

  • Have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell or any other illness.
  • Had COVID-19 in the past 6 weeks.
  • Are in quarantine for a household member with COVID-19 or an exposure.
  • Have a pending COVID 19 test.
  • Had any other vaccination in the past 14 days.

Is the vaccine effective?

Each of the vaccines are 94-95% effective at preventing the virus. The vaccine may provide stronger and longer lasting immunity than having had the virus.

I already had COVID, should I get the vaccine?

People who have had COVID-19 should wait until about 90 days after a positive test. It is possible to get reinfected with COVID, so we do recommend that people who have already had the virus get the vaccine. If you have a pending test result, have symptoms, or have had an exposure in the last 14 days, you should wait to get the vaccine.

How many doses are needed?

The Pfizer vaccine requires a second dose 21 days after the first. The Moderna vaccine requires a second dose 28 days after the first. The vaccine is not fully effective until 1-2 weeks after the 2nd dose. We do not yet know if booster shots will be needed.

What are the side effects?

Though extremely few are expected to have serious side effects, many people may have mild to moderate side effects, like pain where you got the shot, body aches, fatigue, or fever. These side effects are more frequent with the second dose. These side effects are a sign that a normal, healthy immune system is responding to the vaccine like it should.



Forms: Print and complete forms. Bring forms to the Vaccination event or to your appointment and
Informational Materials - Please read for additional information on vaccines.

Pfizer Checklist for Covid-19 Vaccines, Mass Vaccination Form, Fact Sheet & v-Safe Information Moderna Checklist for Covid-19 Vaccines, Mass Vaccination Form, Fact Sheet & v-Safe Information Janssen Checklist for Covid-19 Vaccines, Mass Vaccination Form, Fact Sheet & v-Safe Information  


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