Contract Health Services

The Contract Health Service (CHS) program is one of the most important process for the continuation of the health care delivery system for American Indians. It is the Indian Health Service’s Window to the Nation’s Health Care System.

CHS provides accessible, quality and compassionate health care, customer service and community relations.

CHS is a program funded under the Indian Health Service (IHS) , Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHS) that covers specialty care not available at an IHS / Tribal health care facility.

CHS is not an Entitlement Program or an Insurance Plan

To be eligible for CHS funds, the patient must meet all CHS eligibility factors.

Established Requirements of eligibility

1. Indian Decent
Must be a member of a tribe served by the CHS Delivery Area (CHSDA)

2. Residency
Must reside within the CHSDA. Patients who have been living out of their CHSDA for more than 180 days are no longer eligible.

3. Medical Priority
Health Care Service must meet established medical priorities: Prevent the death or serious impairment of the health of the individual.

4. Notification / Prior Authorization
Emergency Care: CHS must be notifies within 72 business hours following treatment or admission to a non – I H S facility.
Exemption or Elderly: Notification time is extended to 30 business days.

5. Alternate Resources
By regulation, CHS is the payer of last resort. An individual must
apply for and use all alternate resources he/she may be entitled to
(AHCCCS), Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Workman’s Comp. or
Private Insurance.

6. Authorize Ordering Official
Only a TCRHCC health care provider is authorized to issue a TCRHCC patient referral (except for emergencies)