TCRHCC Board of Directors

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) is governed by a community-based Board of Directors, representing the eight Navajo chapters, the Moenkopi Village and the San Juan Southern Paiutes. Each member of the Board of Directors is accessible and available to answer questions and hear your input. This is the core principle of 638 self governance, i.e., to put health care into the hands of the Greater Community we serve.

This core vision also directly drives TCRHCC’s dual mission to become both a premier Regional Medical Center and a community-based Integrated Health System. We are mindful of both these priorities as we develop additional health care and preventative services. This kind of proactive future requires the stewardship of a responsive Board and strong Community participation. This foundation in turn empowers our Hospital Board of Directors in its frequent collaborative meetings on strategic priorities and needs with I.H.S. (OTSG and NAIHS), the Health Committee of the Navajo Nation Council, the Navajo Division of Health, and the Office of the President and Vice-President throughout the year.


board of directors

Christopher Curley
Tonalea Chapter

Christopher T. Curley, Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Board President 2013-present

Hello, my name is Christopher T. Curley, I serve on the board of directors for Tuba City Regional Health Corporation as the Board President (2013). I have been with the corporation since November 2012 when I started as a member of the board representing Tonalea Chapter; one of 8 chapters we represent within the Tuba City Service Unit.

Biihbiitonii niish li, Dzil Taa Kinyaanii Daa shizhe’i, Tlaash chi’i da shichei, Ashihii da shinali and I was raised in Birdsprings Arizona in my early years. My wife Linda and I have 4 children, 32, 22, 17 and 14 years old of the Naadaa aalgai Nateezhi Tabaaha (White Corn Zuni Edgewater) and we have been married 32 years and currently live in Tonalea, Arizona.

Personal experience includes my passion in photography and editing/ designing, artwork and working outside; fixing, building, ranch work, enjoying the outdoors an being a father to my children. I don’t mind a hard day’s work to keep my boots on the ground. I grew up seeing my parents and many other parents and grandparents making a life with their hands and skills, utilizing their cultural education to plant, harvest and tend to livestock. Learning the trade of management of the family’s asset as sheepherders, ranch hands and being observant of ever changing surroundings. We had fun doing all these chores without knowing it was preparation for a future into public service, envisioning the growth of communities and planning for our children.

As a student of Flagstaff High School, my life in the BIA dormitory taught independence as well as working as a team to be successful as graduation came in the spring of 1988, my adult life began, as did my professional life as I enlisted in the greatest challenge of my life. The United States Marine Corps had taught many of my family members to be part of the Esprit De Corps, I stepped onto those yellow footprints that has been the driver of my life, a US Marine, earning those Eagle, Globe and Anchor as did my grandfathers, uncles and every Marine before me. I trained as a Truck Driver MOS 3531 after enduring 13 weeks of boot camp being trained as a rifleman and learning the trade of a Marine.

Many expeditions led to see the world, Japan, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq and sailed onboard US Navy Vessels across many oceans and seas of the world. I served in an Artillery Unit Echo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division from 1988-1992. I was an ammunition driver of the 155mm and 105mm ordinance and gun powder, we also served as rear security of our perimeter as we prepared for defense, trained in unit leadership, communication and weapons.

In 1990, our unit was deployed to Desert Shield and in February 1991, we were in Desert Storm. Our unit was a combat unit that supported rifle companies and tank battalions.

Awards as follows for Corporal Christopher Curley, E4, 1991 Marine of the Quarter, Meritorious Mast, Rifle Expert Badge, Letter of Appreciation 2nd Award, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon w 1 star, National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Navy Unit Commendation Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal w 2 stars and Combat Action Ribbon.

I was Honorably Discharged from the United States Marine Corps in 1992, where I returned to the life with my family and attaining employment in the Department of Interior as School Bus Driver, Teacher and Parent Coordinator for 14 years, then enrolling into Dine’ College to earn my AA Degree in Liberal Studies in 2001 and in 2005 at Northern Arizona University to earn my BA degree in Public Administration. I have worked coaching students in the sport of wrestling at the Jr High School and High School levels. Worked with school administrators and boards, healthcare professionals and we began a consulting business that focuses on parenting, organizational leadership, communication and photography/editing with UI Consulting & Designs.

Today, I humbly serve our communities to reflect the leadership from the teachings of parents, grandparents and community leaders and tribal entities to provide the best quality healthcare and education to our people.


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board of directors

Franklin Fowler
Vice President
Kaibeto Chapter

Franklin Fowler is from Kaibeto, AZ. His clans are Red House Clan born for the White Corn Zuni Edgewater Clan. His Chei’s, maternal grandfathers, are Towering House Clan, and his Nali’s, paternal grandfather, is Taa' chi nii Clan.

Mr. Fowler lived most of his life in Kaibeto. He has been an advocate for his community for the past 25 years. He has served as an advisory member for the Tuba City I.H.S. hospital in the late nineties and as a member on the Board of Directors for Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation after it became incorporated. He has also served as a school board member for the Kaibeto Boarding School and the GreyHills Academy High School. More recent, Mr. Fowler was an official with the Kaibeto Chapter. Presently, he has started a new term on the Board of Directors for TCRHCC.

Mr. Franklin Fowler’s purpose and passion is to advocate for children and elders and the improvement of the healthcare system.


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board of directors

Justice M. Beard
Tuba City Chapter

Justice M. Beard, MEDL, Principal Certificate, BSED, AAS, AA, is an avid member of the TCRHCC Board of Directors. He has shared responsibilities on the Finance Committee, Chair for Nomination Committee, Credentialing Committee member, member of the Quality Team, and Chair for the Navajo Hopi Health Foundation.

Justice has earned numerous degrees: Liberal Arts (AA) and Associate of Arts in Social Science (AAS), Special Education Teacher, Bachelors in Special Education-Elementary Education-(BSED K-12), Principal Certificate, Master's in educational leadership (MEDL). Justice is currently working towards adding to his list of accomplishments in pursuing a master's in special education-Differentiated Instruction and Education Specialist.

Justice is also a member of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Most current Justice is part of Arizona State of Education Special Education Director's Cohort 2020.

Justice's breadth of experience and education in working towards the education field, his previous experience notably puts forth effort in his work ethics. Previous employment experiences are with Dine' College as a GED. Coordinator; Navajo Nation Growing In Beauty, Counselor; Department of Economic Security, Case Manager-DES/FAA; Tuba City Unified School District 2003-2006; Special Education Teacher, Greyhills Academy High School; Special Education Teacher, Transition Specialist 2006-2007; Page Unified School District, Substitute & Math Assistant 2010; Flagstaff Unified School District (2010), Substitute; Shonto Preparatory Technology High School, Special Education Teacher 2007-2019 and Shonto Preparatory Schools (K-8) 2019-Present-Student Service Technician-Advisory, Dean of Student, Special Education Teacher.

Justice's recognition as Who's Who Among Teacher of the Year (2006), Arizona Interscholastic Volleyball Coach of the Year 1A (2013, 2014, 2018), Kappa Delta Pi (2003-2005), Northern Arizona University Dean's List (2002, 2003), AIA Volleyball Referee (2019, 2020), and brought him the motivation to continue to establish leadership opportunities.

Justice's volunteers with Navajo-Hopi Health Foundation events, providing support to Shonto Preparatory Athletics, volunteered as a Shonto Preparatory Parent Advisory as a Committee Chair, offers individual student tutoring, Shonto Housing Committee chair, Northern Arizona Hoopsters Parent fundraising member, and Page High Parent Boosters Club Secretary. Justice also provides essentials such as nonperishable food items and donates personal protective equipment (PPE) to families. Justice also donates to causes such as wood hauling for families in need, assisting with financial support to families in need of grocery, gas money for wood and water hauling, looking for resources for referrals for displaced families, and offers guidance to foster parents. Justice enjoys advocating for families, communities, education, and health services.

Justice is considered an advocate for his community to improve health services and create a foundation of learning from home to local schools where ongoing learning occurs with a current and updated curriculum.


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board of directors

Dolly Lane
Bodaway/Gap Chapter

Dolly Lane is a member on the Board of Director at Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, representing Bodaway/Gap Chapter. She belong to the Edgewater Clan, born for the Red House/Manygoats clan. Maternal clan is the Bitterwater and paternal clan is the Towing House. Ms. Lane graduated high school from Flagstaff High School and earned an Associates Degree in General Studies from Yavapai College, a Bachelor Degree in Economic w/ a minor in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico and a Master Degree in Business Management Colorado Technical University. Dolly has been employed with the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development since 1992 as the Principal Economic Development Specialist. Ms. Lane’s qualification includes knowledge in the field of economic and business development, Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing regulations, business plan writing and financial management. Dolly was awarded Employee of the Year in 2005 with Division of Economic Development. Her previous volunteered work includes; Board of Director for Dine College, Board of Director to Four Corners Enterprise Corporation (a non-profit corporation), Board of Director for the Navajo/Hopi Health Foundation and is currently a volunteer as the Secretary/Treasurer for Community Action for Children & Youth besides being a Board of Director to Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation. Dolly is a great advocate for quality and accessible health care for her community of Bodaway/Gap and is very proud to be part of Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation.


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board of directors

Tincer Nez, Sr.
Coalmine Canyon Chapter

Mr. Tincer T. Nez, Sr., from Coalmine, is a member of the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Board of Directors. Tincer served with the Navajo Nation Police as an Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Police Captain from 1966-1978. He earned a commendation from the FBI for capturing and arresting a fugitive wanted by the FBI. After his retirement from the Navajo Nation Police Department, he immersed himself in providing employment and empowering skills to the Navajo Nation people through job training while working for the Navajo Division of Labor.

Mr. Nez also developed a passion in creating Economic Business Development in the Western Navajo Agency as a Program Manager, Regional Business Development Office; that includes some of the very businesses you see here today thriving successfully in Tuba City, AZ and surrounding areas.

His sincere and unwavering natural ability to work with people was recognized and he became a voice of the Coalmine Canyon Chapter as their President and Council Delegate, respectfully. Mr. Nez served on the Portable Practical Educational Preparations, Inc. (PREP) for eight years, and served 15 years with the Crownpoint Skills Center, now known as the Navajo Technical University.

Mr. Nez also served a year on the TPIC (Tribal Project Industry Council); in Phoenix, AZ in its inception. Today it is comprised of 21 Arizona Tribal Chairperson or Vice President from each participating tribe. TPIC is now known today as the Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona.

Tincer has been married for 54 years to his lovely wife Clara M. Nez, with whom he has 6 (six) adult children and is a very proud grandparent.


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board of directors

Thomas McCabe
Cameron Chapter

My name is Thomas McCabe, representing Cameron Chapter on the TCRHCC Board of Director. I grew up in Wupatki National Monument and Black Fall areas in Western Navajo Reservation. My early life I grew up the old Navajo Way. A hard life; but I am thankful for making me a better person. One thing I learned early was to be up before the sun and run to the east. To this day I still get up early and find time to run or hike.

I started school in Tuba City Boarding School in August 1958 after a long wagon ride from Sand Springs. For junior and high school I went to Flagstaff High School staying at Flagstaff Dormitory. During this time I was recognized for my artwork, running and junior/high school basketball. As a junior and senior I joined the Native American for Community Action Board of Director representing the native youth. I did the artwork for the new Indian Center in Fall 1971-Spring 1972 and my work was recognized by the Baltimore Indian Center Director, Herbert Locklear. He offered me a job working with their Center, in June 1972 I took a bus ride to Baltimore, Md. after graduation. My work at the Center was creating artwork(murals) and did a series of painting for their new restaurant. I learned to do the hoop dance and became a member of their dance group. August 1972 I received the Induction Letter to be drafted into the Armed Service and changed my status to enlisted.

After basic training, I trained for my job as a Field Communication/Wireman. My first deployment was to Korea with an Artillery company, where I cross-trained to Field Artilleryman. Later in my reenlistment I trained to be a Radio/TV Systems Specialist. I worked on setting up for military conferences and studio productions making training tapes. Second deployment to Korea, this time I am working in the TV studio for Armed Forces Korea Network. My whole time I worked the night shift as a technician keeping the programs on the air. My last military discharge was on October 1983, by now I had served a total of 14.6 years. This includes the active reserve and standby reserve time. Metals and Ribbons awarded: Oversea Service Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, National Defense Metal, Good Conduct Medal(2d), Achievement Metal, Commendation Metal and Armed Forces Expeditionary Metal. I am a member of the American Legion Post 0100, ID No. 202637982.

I graduated from Haskell Junior College with an Associate degree during a break in my military service in Fall 1977. Finally, I graduated from NAU with a Bachelor degree in Industrial Supervision-Manufacturing in Spring of 1988. I went to work for Tooh Dineh Industries in Leupp, AZ the Fall of 1988. My job was Incoming Inspection/Test Supervisor and two years later I became the Quality Engineer. And three years later we got certified with the National Standards Authority of Ireland (ISO-9002) for our quality systems. Five years later I became the Manufacturing Engineer. It was the extreme work stress that caused me to leave in Summer 2001. After a short break I started work for SCA Tissue operating the converting machines, which was less stressful. I stayed with SCA Tissue for 15 years until I retired in 2017. Other jobs performed in between school or jobs were Chemical Specialist(Power Plant), Coal Lab Technician, TV Station Technician(KNAZ-TV) and Biomedical Tech Assistance.

I have a significant other, a daughter and a son.


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board of directors

Leila McCabe
Coppermine Chapter

Leila McCabe is a member of the Board of Directors at the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC). She also serves on the TCRHCC Finance Committee. She is from Coppermine, Arizona.  Her clans are Tlizilani nishli’, born for Biih Bitoonii and Kinyaa’ da bi chei and Tsinaajinii’da bi nali’.

Leila has an extensive background in education where she graduated from Weber County High School in Ogden, Utah; she has attended: Stevens-Henager Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah; Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona; the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico; and participated in summer seminary at the University of Utah and Arizona State University.

Besides Leila’s teaching and leadership certifications in education, she has obtained the certification to counsel using the Fundamental Law of Dine’ with the Navajo Nation Peacemaking Court.

Leila has received the Distinguish Award of Outstanding Superior Performance from Leupp Boarding School; Tuba City Unified School services award for dedicated and invaluable services rendered for the past 15 years, and Gratitude and Certificate of Appreciation from the Peacemaking Department in Tuba City and was selected as an Honored Member of Heritage Registry of WHO’s WHO.

Leila’s goal and desire in her career have been dedicated to help the Navajo people. Her work history started as working as an Instructional Aide from 1962 to 1968 at the Leupp Boarding School and as a clerk for the Navajo Police Department in the summer of 1972. After obtaining her degree, she started teaching for the Tuba City Unified School from 1972 to 1974. Then from 1974 to 1978 as a primary school teacher at the Kaibeto Boarding School.  Upon receiving her master’s degree in education, she worked at the Low Mountain Boarding School as a Principal from 1979 to 1981. Later she transferred to Leupp, AZ as a Department Academic Head from 1981 to 1986. She then returned to the Tuba City Unified School as School Site Supervisor and Assistant Principal from 1986 to 2009.  

Her time now is spent learning and advocating for the health and safety of the people from the Hopi, San Juan Southern Paiute and Navajo Nations.


. . .

Lyonel Tso
LeChee Chapter

Ya’at’eeh! My name is Lyonel Tso, and I am from the community of LeChee, Navajo Nation. I have been a member of the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Board of Directors since September 2020.

My experience and passion for my community are the foundation of my service on The Board. My education and experience began in LeChee at The LeChee Preschool and eventually becoming a graduate of Page High School. I attended Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education. My education at ASU was put on hold for five years while I felt the need to serve our county and Navajo Nation in the United States Marine Corps. During my enlistment I deployed in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, and several years of teaching high school and middle school science, I continued to further my education with a Master of Education in Leadership and Administration at NAU and completion in 2020.

Growing up I saw my family and community come together to help each other, which eventually led me to serve my community in any capacity. I enjoy using my knowledge, experience and talents to serve my community. As an educator and learner, I enjoy learning about our local healthcare systems and how we can work to improve services for our people.


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board of directors

Carmelita Homer
San Juan Southern Paiute

Hello, my name is Carmelita Homer. I am an enrolled member of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe. I am from Cow Springs, Arizona. I attended the Great Basin High School in Clearfield, Utah where I graduated in 2000. I moved home and worked as a certified home health aide from 2005 to 2017.

I was previously part of the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Board of Directors in 2018 for one year. During this time I served on the Bodaway/Gap Health Center Steering Committee and the Finance Committee. In 2019, I was elected as a San Juan Southern Paiute Tribal Council member which my term ended in 2021. Recently, I was selected to represent my tribal community on the TCRHCC Board of Directors for this term. I will apply my experience and will do my best to support the Tuba City Regional Health Corporation’s visions and goals. I am still learning all I can about our healthcare system.


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board of directors

Ronald Honyumptewa
Moenkopi Village

Ronald Honyumptewa is a member of the Board of Directors at the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC) and a seasoned professional with 27 years of experience in Law enforcement. He is Sun clan, a member of the Hopi Tribe and is from the Lower Moenkopi Village, located in Northern Arizona.

Mr. Honyumptewa obtained his education from DeVry University, where he graduated with a Degree in Information Technology & Networking – Cyber Security. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in Law Enforcement, and has held various leadership positions in the industry.

In his current role as Director of Department of Public Safety and Emergency Services for the Hopi Tribe, Mr. Honyumptewa is responsible for oversight of programs responding to emergency needs of the community. He is highly regarded by his colleagues and peers for his exceptional work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to consistently deliver results.

Overall, Mr. Honyumptewa is a respected and accomplished professional who has made significant contributions to his field and community. He continues to inspire others with his dedication to excellence and commitment to making a positive impact in the community.



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